Oksygenator CAPIOX FX

The CAPIOX FX05 is intended to be used during open heart surgical procedures to transfer oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from blood and to control the blood temperature during cardiopulmonary bypass for periods up to 6 hours. The CAPIOX FX05 is a NEONATE, INFANT oxygenator intended for use in procedures up to maximum flow of 1.5 L/min. The patient weight and BSA should be considered upon use.

Zbiornik sztywny FX05 jest także przeznaczony do drenażu żylnego wspomaganego podciśnieniowo.

The FX05 Hardshell Reservoir is also intended for use in vacuum assisted venous drainage procedures. The Integral Arterial Filter is intended to filtrate non-biologic particles and emboli and to facilitate gaseous emboli removal from the blood flowing through a cardiopulmonary bypass circuit.